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About Dr. Anita Krishnan

Dr. Anita Krishnan is one of the best known ENT specialists in Bangalore, practicing at Bangalore ENT Care Centre, Koramangala. Dr. Anita’s expertise and skill at treating all things connected to ENT ailments – medically as well as surgically, has made her popular among the general public in Bangalore. She is an expert at Balloon Sinuplasty, a minimally invasive procedure that is highly successful at treating chronic sinusitis problems. Balloon Sinuplasty is also an extremely low risk procedure, and almost pain-free compared to the conventional sinus operations.

Dr. Anita was trained in the Ear, Nose and Throat specialty at the Armed Forces Medical College in Pune, one of India’s premier medical schools.

As an ENT specialist, Dr. Anita Krishnan focuses on cases that cover a wide range of ENT ailments and lifestyle issues that affect the ear, nose and throat ranging from everyday problems that affect children, allergies to the chronic nasal and ear conditions that require surgery. These include surgical solutions for sinus problems – like balloon sinuplasty; tonsil removals, FESS – which is the conventionally performed surgery for addressing sinus problems.

She also performs laser procedures to resolve snoring problems and also to remove tonsils; other nasal surgeries that are required due to other medical ailments; septoplasty; micro laryngeal surgeries and many other routine procedures that come under the purview of ENT surgery.

Apart from these specific ENT surgical procedures, Dr. Anita Krishnan also performs numerous endoscopic procedures for diagnosis as well as to aid in minimally invasive surgeries in the ear, nose and throat area.

She is also an active voice for the prevention of lifestyle diseases connected to ENT issues, and is a regular contributor to many medical journals and magazines as well as popular media publications

Dr Anita is fortunate to count among her patients, some of the most prominent citizens of Bangalore.

"I have had an excellent experience with Dr. Anita Krishnan! She is very good and does perfect diagnostics and gives the right treatment." - Nandan Nilekani

For a selection of testimonials from Dr Anita's patients, please visit this link - http://www.dranitakrishnan.com/home/testimonials

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Professional Expertise:

  • Otorhinolaryngology


Do you have to repeatedly tell your teenage son to turn down the volume of his iPod just so he can hear you? Ever listen to him complaining of feeling ringing, buzzing or hissing noises in his ears? These are the two most evident symptoms of hearing loss. Recent studies showed that today two in every five teens have hearing loss in some form or another, which is 30 per cent higher than it ...
Dr Anita Krishnan explains how this technique works.
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  • I have known Dr. Anita for last six years and she has been my first choice for any ENT challenges. I had a chronic throat infection which she successfully cured via tonsillectomy. I always get objective advise from her, right treatment and find her very responsive in all situations. She was extremely helpful during my surgery and the two week recov... More - Mukesh Bansal
  • I met the doctor(Anita) a week ago regarding my nasal blockage problem. I had lost faith in doctors, but after meeting with her I realized there are doctors which have deep knowledge and genuine in their profession. On the first meet she prescribed me to go for a test and scan, which I initially thought were expensive, but later realized that they ... More - Shakti Singh
  • A month and half back when I went to see Dr Anita, I was staring at uncertainty and fearing the worse about a severe and painful inflammation around my lymph node. Naturally I was stressed since I had consulted another physician before Dr Anita and even with heavy doses of antibiotics the infection had only but increased. The most comforting facto... More - Abhirup Mukhopadhyay
  • I have been visiting Dr Anita since 10 years for any ENT related needs for my family and myself. She had operated on my tonsillitis few years ago. I always recommend her to anyone I meet as it’s rare to find good natured, noble doctors nowadays. Some of the things which make her the best are as follows: 1. Listens to you attentively 2. Is well awa... More - Sanjeev Kalra
  • Firstly I would like to thank doctor Anita for giving me a new life.I always had this tonsils problem and then I met Dr.Anita through one of my friend and that's how my life changed.She not only understood my tonsil problem but also found out all my deficiencies.My tonsillectomy surgery was smoothly done.I was scared before the surgery as I had rea... More - Barsha kashyap
  • Firstly I would like to thank doctor Anita for giving me a new life.I always had this tonsils problem and then I met Dr.Anita through one of my friend and that's how my life changed.She not only understood my tonsil problem but also found out all my deficiencies.My tonsillectomy surgery was smoothly done.I was scared before the surgery as I had rea... More - Barsha kashyap
  • Dr. Anita Krishnan is an expert in her field, as a patient no need to worry about anything when we are under the hands of such doctor. - shruthi dinesh
  • We made a booking to this clinic for first time for my nephew for 10.30 am today. Clinic front office called me around 9.45 today to let me know Dr Anita is running late for 15 minutes from a surgery. 15 minutes is nothing in Indian Stretchable Time (IST) . Got to say Dr showed enough patience with my 3 yr naughty nephew. Yes, our fly was all h... More - Bobby Mana
  • There are very few doctors in our country who explain the problem and the medication in detail. Dr. Anita is one among those rare experts. I always had this throat infection problem which kept coming back in one or the other form which is finally cured by her. It was such a great feeling to know things in detail and I was touched by her concern for... More - Zoeya Sinha
  • Here’s a brief history of my allergic rhinitis and a short testimonial about my FESS experience – I was first told that I’m suffering from allergic rhinitis about 5 years ago. It came as a surprise to me because I’m a born-and-bred Bangalorean and I thought I was quite immune to the allergy problems that many people complain of, after living in t... More - A grateful patient
  • I was having problems with breathing through my nose for almost four years. I used to have nasal congestion ,stuffy head , sneezing , snoring , cold and all these made me unable to concentrate on anything I did . Consulted few doctors before. They just gave me nasal sprays and few pills which didn’t seem to have much effect. Then , my Dad found Dr... More - Srividhya
  • Those who know about the soreness and discomfort of nasal polyps would understand the torment it offers! I was going through that for last 12 years and 20 ENT specialists (India and Abroad) experimented on me with various modes of treatments. I underwent a surgical procedure during 2009 and the results made me to believe that I lost the most precio... More - Joseph John, MD, Citibite, Bangalore
  • My name is name is Subramani. I hereby like to thank Dr. Anita Krishnan for the successful "Laser Assisted Turbinoplasty". There is nothing like anything if you are freed from a plaguing condition. I actually had to count myself the number of times I was breathing easily, more importantly freely. My nose used to get blocked every day 30 minutes. D... More - Subramani
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